Afghan Wireless Extends Coverage to All 34 Afghan Provinces

Afghan Wireless pic Telecommunications firm Afghan Wireless Communication Company began providing service in 2002. In its initial phase, the firm deployed a variety of mobile services to residents of Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Herat, Afghanistan. On January 6, 2008, Afghan Wireless expanded its coverage area to include Chaghcharan in Ghor province. The expansion of services to the center of the northern Afghan province represented a significant milestone for the company, allowing it to offer coverage in all 34 Afghan provinces. With service extending to many of Afghanistan’s busiest highways, Afghan Wireless restated its commitment to expanding coverage to additional remote regions throughout the country.

At the time, Afghan Wireless had recently implemented an additional service update in the form of a multimillion-dollar microwave circular system. As the first telecommunications system of its kind in Afghanistan, the 2,500-kilometer network allowed the firm to offer quality mobile services to many of the country’s most remote regions while ensuring improved sound quality and reduced satellite delays. The development also allowed Afghan Wireless to greatly improve its international service, working with 350 communications networks to provide roaming coverage in 124 countries.