My Money Service from Afghan Wireless

Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company pic In 2011, the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) launched an initiative to aid members of the Afghan population who did not have access to banking services. It launched a fully owned subsidiary called the Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company (ABMMC), which then received a license to do business from AISA and a license to provide mobile money services from Da Afghanistan Bank. Today, ABMMC supports a wide range of mobile-money users, offering services under the My Money brand name.

Because AWCC is the only mobile operator that offers GSM coverage to every province in Afghanistan, the synergy between AWCC and ABMMC has allowed My Money to expand further than its competitors. The My Money services, which range from sending and receiving funds to paying salaries and merchants, were designed to fit the needs of rural and urban Afghans alike. ABMMC specifically hopes to reduce the reliance of underserved markets on unregulated systems of money transfer and grow its subscriber base until it mirrors that of AWCC as a whole.


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